Student's Science Society of a name N. I. Vavilov

Integrates the students 1-5 courses agronomical and others faculties. Works at stands of genetics and selection of field cultures. Conducts a beginning with a society, founded by N. I. Vavilov. Is the collective member of the MSGS.
The main purpose: aggregate the students, interested in scientific researches.

Primary goals:

  • The help in scientific activity to the students;
  • Opening-up of the students for independent presentations of the scientific activities;
  • Participation of the students in activity of scientific conferences;
  • Participation in organization of scientific conferences;
  • Exchange of opinions.

By results of scientific researches the students together with their chiefs for last years prepare more 30 printed activities.

In 2002 the application " Vivat, science! " of the Student's science society has received financial support within the framework of the program " My Alma Mater ", sold Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) Russia at financing Smirnoff Foundation.

Within the framework of this program (manager - S. Monahos) SSS:

  • Has executed realization of a cable Internet - line in the 37th educational corp.;
  • Has conducted the competition of scientific activities of the students. The students MTAA, BSAA, VAA have shared in which one;
  • Has gained the computer, scanner, printer;
  • Has conducted scientific expedition;
  • Has produced firm t-shirts and pens of the members of company,
  • Has gained consumable materials.

The chief of the SSS is the senior lecturer of stand Alexander Soloviev
The chairman of the SSS - Andrew Knyazev.

The photoreports

The photoreports in Gorki, Belorussia

The photos of the materials

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